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The world is a broken place.  Not a day goes by where there is not something that we need to deal with; a hurt from the past, a trial, or even a choice of our own.  I understand and help people find the love, healing and hope they yearn for, in Jesus. With Him, I know that we can rise above life's brokenness and live as overcomers.  Here are a few ways God has called me to serve:

Through worship and songs written from my personal story that will encourage and help you draw closer to Jesus.

Through speaking messages that are honest, relatable, and filled with God's wisdom for life.

Through newsletters and blogs that share insights and free stuff for your journey. 


Mary James - stitching

"I was so blessed by the light shining through you that I cried the whole way home while we listened to your CD. I really needed to hear you tonight.  I've been struggling with the belief that I am alone and not good enough for my daughter. Your music encourages me to continue to rely on God to fill the gaps in me, for her." - An event guest

"I attended my first women's retreat a few years back with some friends from work. At the time, my husband and I were having some difficulties in our marriage. While there, I felt as if I was getting a glimpse of Jesus just by listening to you. You played the most unbelievable song; it was as if it was written just for me. I busted out crying on my friend's shoulder, letting go of so many tense emotions and fears. It became clear to me, through your music, that YES I would go back home to my husband and work things out."
- Susan Fassler (used by permission)


Mary James - stitching

If asked to sum up my life in 10 words or less I would have to say, "With Jesus I have been able to rise above."  Despite my broken past, I have experienced remarkable, God-breathed victories and today I share from the very wounds He has and is healing in me.  

Through God's Word and the transparent sharing of my adoption/prodigal journey, I hope to comfort the hearts of people who are tired of pretending and offer solutions to those who need a path to victory.  My greatest joy comes from seeing people draw near to Christ who can help them experience His power in the broken places.      

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Victory Christian Center, Rancho Mirage, CA.  Morning Worship & Evening Concert. 

Newbreak Church, East County. Celebrate Recovery.  Worship & Testimony.

Shadow Mountain Community Church, El Cajon, CA.  Military Wives  Breakfast and Workshop.

Mary James - Music Upcoming Events
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"Overflow" reaches the #7  spot on the PS Nashville Top 100 for January.
Mary receives ICMA  nominations in 7 categories.
"Heart On My Sleeve" reaches the #1 spot on the PS Nashville Top 100 for September.
 "Heart On My Sleeve" reaches the #1 spot on the Christian Music Weekly chart for weeks of May 3rd-May 17th.
Mary and the band open for Michael Franzese at The Upper Room. 

Mary sings and speaks at Choices pro-life fundraiser with Gianna Jessen. 

Mary James - Music Upcoming Events


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"Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." - Romans 8:37