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Thank you for visiting!  Planning a service or hosting an event is a big responsibility.  I've been a part of many worship services and ministry events over the years, so I understand.  As a leader, you need a singer and speaker who will encourage and motivate your people in their relationship with Christ, not to mention the need for things to go as smoothly as possible.  Because I sing and speak, I am able to simplify your planning process and bring a consistent level of excellence to the music and message component of your event.   

In terms of style, long ago a church leader said, "She stirs the soul, tears down walls and points people to Jesus."  Not much has changed.  God has called me to reach for those deeper, broken places so that people can find healing, strength, and hope for their journey.  Through prayer, the leading of the Holy Spirit, God's Word, personal story and music, my desire is to see people grow closer to the One who can help them rise above the brokenness of this world and live as God-glorifying overcomers. 


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"As the Director of Women's Ministries at a large evangelical church, Mary James is the complete package for a women's event.  It is one phone call to plan the speaker and the music.  Wow! Mary actually talked with me on the phone directly.  She and I were able to dialogue about how to shape and make a wonderful program that fit the objectives for our events. She brought her man band, which includes her husband, and our women loved it! Mary's message is compelling; life-changing; she is the real deal. A woman of God with a message. A woman of God with a testimony."

- Debby Lennick, Director of Women's Ministries, Shadow Mountain Community Church

"Your authentic, faithful heart to the Lord and serving His people and those who have yet to meet Him is nothing short of amazing!  Your ultimate award is in heaven when you join in singing with the angels with your amazing voice!  I have met (and contracted) many, many speakers and entertainers over my years in ministry.  As I have shared before, few demonstrate the love of Christ more authentically than you.  I adore your spirit!"

- Jan Edwards, former Director of Women's Ministries, Chino Valley Community Church 
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I am called to speak primarily for women, but because of the music and my story, I am frequently called to share with co-ed audiences.   

Any combination of the following can be provided:  Worship, Special Music, Testimony, Keynote Message. 

Music Options:

- Full Band (5-7 pieces)
- Trio (Mary and 2 acoustic guitars)
- Duo (Mary with one guitarist)
- Mary (alone with tracks) 


Printable Resources:

Downloadable posters are available by clicking on the button below.

Some specialized graphics are available depending on the event chosen.



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"Beauty From Brokenness" (Personal Testimony) (Repentance, Restoration, Hope, Victory)

Leading listeners through my story of adoption, rebellion, and transformation, I share the enormity of God's love and grace over my life choices, which for years have seemed unforgiveable.  The closing segment of my message focuses on the enemy's attempts to keep us bound in regret, while Jesus offers a life that is meant to be joy-filled, liberated, and used for His glory. 

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold all things have become new" (2 Corinthians 5:17).

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"Be-Loved" (Teddy Bear Story)  (Grace, Law, Love, Liberation, Compassion)

Even as a Christian, it has taken me years to break free from the insecurities and condemnation of the past.  Drawing from my journey, I share life-changing truths for those who question their acceptance, forgiveness, and yearn to be liberated (once and for all). 

Key Scripture: "To the praise of the glory of His grace, but which He made us accepted in the Beloved" (Eph 1:6).


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"Invite Him In" (Busyness, Sufficiency, Stillness, Intimacy, Strength)

Knowing how quickly life and its demands can leave God at the bottom of our priority list, this message reminds us to pause and invite the guest of honor into our daily lives.  Jesus, stands at the door and knocks, but are we living quiet enough to hear and with hearts willing to open the door?   

Key Scriptures:  Proverbs 4:23, Revelation 3:20

Alternate Theme: This message can also be adapted for Thanksgiving or Christmas Events.

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"Your Heart, Christ's Manger" (Comfort, Compassion, Celebration)

A beautiful and stirring message that reminds us once again not to fear our own personal "stables," but to  celebrate that Jesus came to meet us in those less than perfect places.  An event that will uplift, encourage and stir hearts during a season that can rob us of our true Christmas joy.

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"A Lamp For Every Corner" (Love, Humility, Contentment, Eternal Purpose)

Have you ever caught yourself wondering what you could possibly offer a King?  Christmas is a season that activates God's generous Spirit within us, yet we can often miss the bigger picture and even underestimate our value in the scheme of things.  This event will help women focus on the humility of Christ and find contentment in their divinely appointed assignments, no matter how small they may seem.  

Alternate Theme:  This message can be adapted for Mom's Events.

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"Fearfully, Wonderfully Made" (Pro-Life Event)

Out of my story has come a passion to support Pregnancy Care Clinics / Centers and Pro-life organizations as they advocate for the pre-born by helping mothers and fathers make informed, love-giving choices.  While sharing the portion of my story that relates to my adoption and reunion with my birth parents, I will also encourage the audience through special music, my video "Fearfully, Wonderfully Made,"and a special closing challenge.

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"Abide" (Abiding, Refinement, Surrender, Intimacy, Obedience, Spiritual Fruit, Influence)               


This retreat, rich in the Word of God, offers a journey through John 15 that will ignite a deeper understanding of a woman's charge as a Christ follower.  Through the passages, we will gain a renewed understanding of God's love (even in the pruning seasons of life), the relationship between the Vinedresser, Vine and branches; and the specific role we play as His fruit bearers. 

Key Scripture:  John 15:1-17


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"Broken and Beautiful Together" (Transparency, Acceptance, Surrender, Community, Compassion)               

Knowing that God has created us for relationship, this intimate weekend is meant to deepen a woman's relationship with Jesus and one another.  Where brokenness is often viewed negatively, I show how God can use our bumps, bruises and broken pieces to raise us up as women of compassion; transparent with one another and Christ-like in our responses.   

Key Scripture:  Romans 8:28, 2 Corinthians 12:9

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"Christ, My Joy & Strength" (Humility, Repentence, Joy, Strength, Character, Grace, Evangelism)

Both joy and strength are traits that most of us long to have as a steady aspect of our character, yet these qualities (when not even realizing it) can slip through our fingers.  Life catches us off-guard; it interrupts, overwhelms and disappoints, but God faithfully stands in the gap of our weakness and graciously provides the strength needed to live life powerfully.  So how do we get from point A to point B?  From jostled to joyful?  Throughout the weekend, we will explore the source of true joy and strength; discovering how they are obtained and manifested in our lives.  The weekend offers the following teaching sessions:

- The Truth About Joy (The Origin of Spiritual Joy)
- The Strength and Power of Joy (Characteristics of His Joy)
- The Sustainer of Joy

Key Scripture:  Nehemiah 8:10, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

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"Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." Romans 8:37