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"God is continually using this Shadow Mountain member to reach people all across the country. Her warm and beautiful style brings the words of her music right into our hearts. She is a godly woman, a great leader, and we love her."

- Dr. David Jeremiah
Senior Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church

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"2 Chronicles tells us singers were appointed by King David for the worship of God because the way we worship Him shows His worth. How I have been blessed as I've worshipped our Lord and our God with Mary in the power of the Spirit. Her varied choice of music is biblical, beautiful - touching the heart - and sometimes moving the feet. Joyous, God-honoring with its substance, what a gift and ministry Mary has from God in leading us to worship the One to whom belongs all glory, honor, power and dominion!"

- Kay Arthur
Co-Founder, Precept Ministries International Author and Bible Teacher

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"I smile whenever I see the name "Mary James" on a program because I know I'm in for a treat.  Mary's vocals are soul-stirring and uplifting.  She ministers with passion and a genuine desire to lift up the name of Jesus.  You will be blessed to hear her share and sing."

-Arelene Pellicane
Speaker and Author of 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife & Growing Up Social

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"Mary James is an incredible talent.  A loving heart-not afraid to share her story and the profound impact Christ has had upon her life.  Offline, Mary is wonderful to work with.  She sought to meet the needs of our event with a rich, deep study that spoke to our hearts.  She even took the time to mingle with our small group discussions between sessions and tailored her last session to answer questions that had been surfacing.  I would definitely recommend Mary for your next speaking engagement need, and of course her musical talents-a clear, fresh blend that will take you away-would enrich any occassion.  Mary's  message is intended to draw you close and connect with her message of hope in Jesus Christ in a personal and real way that will last."

- Brenda Rhodes
La Jolla Community Church, 2014 Women's Ministry Leader

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"It was such a pleasure meeting you and experiencing your incredible gift of music.  You have an amazing voice and a beautiful spirit.  I listened to your CD "Strong" all the way home.  Awesome!  May the Lord continue to use you for His glory.  Loved meeting your hubby and I loved the way all of you led such incredible worship." 

- Judy Hampton
Speaker and Author 

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"Our church is still basking in the glow of your marvelous and uplifting concert yesterday. You are such a blessing...so talented and delightful as a person. Mary I can't tell you how your testimony in music moved our ladies. The Holy Spirit showed up in a big way through you. Thank you for gracing us with your presence. Dan, Jessica and the rest of the band were just icing on the cake. Lives were touched....even changed by your bold, but sensitive message of God's saving grace."

- Carol LeBeau
Public Speaker and former Channel 10 News Anchor



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"Mere words cannot begin to describe the blessing that Mary James brought to our fall 2012 Pregnancy Care Clinic banquet. Many hearts were deeply touched by her beautiful music and inspiring testimony. A number of attendees commented on Mary's authenticity and her willingness to share from the depths of her soul. Her spirit clearly communicates the heart of Christ in each song that she sings and through each word that she speaks. Thank you Mary, for making this our best event ever."

-Nancy Corbridge
Executive Director, Informed Choices, Morgan Hill, CA

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"Deep, authentic and worshipful are just a few ways to describe Mary's message in both words and music. Through the journey of her own pain and transformation she sings and speaks messages of hope to women around the country. Mary is a joy to work with; a humble servant with a powerful gift which she shares with great power."

- Danna Demetre
President, Women of Purpose, Author and Speaker

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"A few months back I was excited about what God would bring us with you and your worship, but had no idea just how special is was going to be. The words to your songs are rich..rich with life, sensitivity and depth. It is so evident that underneath the music you share, there is heart. We had never had men at our retreat, so that was an area of intrigue for me too. I did didn't want it to be a distraction in any way, and it wasn't. It was wonderful and they fit right in! I am so glad they were part of the weekend and we would have them back in a heartbeat.

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for your willingness to come minister to us. God used you to show himself to us...through your story, your music, your spirit and you just being you! Thank you for sharing your time and amazing talent with us! You truly led us in worship, turning our eyes and focus onto our Creator/God! Thank you for sharing your heart, for opening up your hurts and heartbreaks to us so we could see how God can change a life and use it for His glory. You are just and incredible soul. Your talent exquisite! To God be the glory! I thank God every time I remember you because of your partnership in the Gospel and your precious heart for God."

- Glenda Harr
Women's Ministry Director, First Covenant Church of Sacramento

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"SO, so incredibly touched, stirred, moved and somehow forever changed through meeting this woman and her guy-band, hearing the music God has placed in her soul and her story of how the God we serve makes His plans to redeem and save the lost long before we are ever born. Thank you, from the bottom of my and our hearts."

- Jennie Nagy
and the Women of First Covenant Church Sacramento



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"I taught a Bible study today on Spiritual Adultery and we talked about the things that woo us away from God and the things that bring us back. Someone, who is not a part of CWIMA, mentioned specifically that whenever she needs to come back to Jesus she listens to Mary James's music. I thought it was so cool that I know you! She doesn't know you, and WOW, what a place you have in her spiritual disciplines!"

- Donna Skell
Executive Director at Roaring Lambs Ministries CWIMA Board Member, Dallas, TX

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"I've been aware of Mary for some time as an Inspirational singer, but a week ago Monday morning (11/10/14) in Nashville at ICM week, I got to hear her sing and speak.  What an annointed lady she is.  She touched everyone there.  So very blessed to meet her."

- Johnny Jones, Singer/Songwriter

"I agree with Johnny Jones.  I had never met her when I heard her speak at the ICM Monday morning session.  She was so spot on with the Bible and I was so  encouraged.  Mary is a special vessel chosen by God for such a time as this!  Awesome singer and speaker with a true heart for Jesus Christ! A rare find!"

- Charlotte Marshall Bise, ICM Week 2014 Attendee


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"Had an amazing time at the Women's Conference. Sheila Walsh is amazing, but your music always brings me such peace. Picked up "Strong and "At His Feet." Thank you for bringing us God's promises through your music."

- Women of Purpose Event Attendee

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"While the talents and gifts of Mary James are obvious, as well as numerous; so too is her open love and commitment to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The storms of life have had an eternal impact on both her faith and career as a Christian artist. Mary's ability to minister to a wide range of audiences is just one result of having not only survived the storms, but having thrived through them as God has developed her heart for Him. Mary's music ministers to believers as well as calls out to those who have yet to meet the Savior. Her faith is genuine and her voice contagious. She is a walking testimony of the grace of Christ that is available to anyone who will call on His name. Along with being a talented singer, she is also very comfortable sharing her faith and her testimony is well received. Mary, may God's hand continue to be upon you, your family, and your ministry."

- Ben Harris
Men's Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church

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"I just wanted to say thank you! Due to unfortunate events I haven't been able to get my mother to go to church with me in a long time. I invited her to go with me last night to the Glory of Christmas and she had the best time ever. She loves your story and laughed the loudest when your husband sang his funny love songs. I have to say it was the best Christmas present ever... sitting with my mother in the midst of His presence. Thank you for following after Christ and not after this world's fame. May God continue to bless you your family as you continue to serve the King!"

-  An event Attendee, The Grove Church, Riverside

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"It is difficult to put into words how greatly God used you at First Baptist Church in Portland. We loved your music. It was characterized by excellence, but most importantly, we appreciated that you are not hung up on yourself, but on Jesus. Any pastor would do well to have you do a musical package before his message on a Sunday morning. The concert on Sunday night was wonderful. Weaving the story of your life between the songs was a thing of beauty. Your brutal honesty was a rare gift for our people. What a blessing to see so many come down front for prayer because your transparency connected with their hearts. I plan to have you return to First Baptist and I urge every pastor in America to do the same."

- Dr. Keith Moore
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Portland, Maine

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"We were honored to have Mary James and her band at our recent Women's Christmas Outreach Event. Mary brought a wonderful story of encouragement to our ladies and we were truly blessed by her beautiful voice and spirit! We rarely repeat guest speakers/ performers, but Mary is one we can hear over and over! Her genuine love for the Lord shone through and many lives were impacted."

-Jan Edwards
Director of Women's Ministry, Chino Valley Community Church



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"Mary James' heart of worship is evident. The music she writes digs deep into the soul and has the ability to tear down walls and cause a person to turn their eyes to Jesus. Mary's humble heart makes her so easy to work with. Her willingness to work hard and to be excellent at what she does makes my job as worship leader so much easier. Take the time, get to know Mary James for yourself and you will be blessed beyond any words that I can say about her."

-Chris Surdock
Worship Leader

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"Your music was balm for my soul."

-Sherrie Norris
The Mountain Times, Boone, NC

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"We had a FABULOUS time at the concert. You are an angel in a human body. Your voice, your testimony, your presence, brings Christ to people and people to Christ. I bought 3 CD's at the concert, not sure who 2 of them were meant for. Turned out to be two friends who were not familiar with your ministry or music. I am SO excited to bring you - and the Lord through you - to them. Thank you for the magnificent CD."

-Teri Nystrom
A worshipper referring to "Beautiful Savior"

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"Every time we come to The Rock and I see you're there I tell my wife "Oh no, I'm gonna cry!" I really feel His presence through you. My wife and I met when we were in a Country/Rock band together and so we know the difference between ordinary and inspired. GOD has truly blessed you and those of us that feel His power through you. God Bless you and thank you."

-Brad B
San Diego Resident attending The Rock Church


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2017 - Inspirational Country Music Association Female Vocalist of the Year (Winner), Top 5 Nominee in the Entertainer, Songwriter of the Year (with Gary Livesay) and Duo categories.  Award show held 4/5/2018 at the Grand Ole Opry House. 

2016 - Inspirational Country Music Awards Video of the Year "Fearfully, Wonderfully Made" (Winner), Top 5 Nominee in the Entertainer, Female Vocalist, Music Evangelist and Song of the Year Cateogories

2016 - SGN Scoops / Christian Country Expo, Christian Country Female Artist of the Year.  Top 5 Song of the Year Nominee for "Strong" and Top 5 Video of the Year Nominee for "Take Me Away From You"

2015 - Inspirational Country Music Top 5 Female Vocalist, Music Evangelist and Song of the Year (No Wound Too Deep) Nominee

2015 - San Diego Bridge Builders Nominee

2014 - Inspirational Country Music Female Vocalist of the Year (Winner) and Top 5 Music Evangelist Nominee, Top 10 Entertainer of the Year and Inspirational Country Song of the Year (for Strong) Nominee

2014 - CCMNow Christian Country Honor Awards-Top 5 Female Vocalist Nominee

2013 - Inspirational Country Music (ICM) Awards
Female Vocalist of the Year  (Winner)
ICM Top 5 Music Evangelist of the Year Nominee
ICM Duo of the Year Nomination with Jamie O'Neal for Strong

2013 - SGN Christian Country Top 5 Female Vocalist of Year Nominee


2012 - Inspirational Country Music (ICM) Awards
Top 5 Female Vocalist of the Year Nominee &
Top 10 Music Evangelist Nominee


2012 - CCMNow Christian Country Honor Awards
Female Vocalist Nominee


2011 - ICM Awards Top 5 Female Vocalist of the Year Nominee & Top 10 Music Evangelist and Entertainer Nominee


2011 - ICGMA Top 5 Female Vocalist of the Year

2011 - Women in Christian Media President's
Award Recipient


2010 - ICM Awards Female Vocalist of the Year (Winner)


2010 - Christian Music Hall of Fame Christian Country Female Vocalist of the Year (Winner)


2010 - #1 CC Radio Single for February - "Come To The Well" (Power Source Top 100)


2009 - ICM Awards Top 5 Female Vocalist of the Year Nominee


2009 - Agape Fest Female Vocalist and Songwriter of the Year Nominee


2008 - ICM AwardsTop 10 Female Vocalist of the Year Nominee


2006 & 2007 ICM Awards Top 5 Female Vocalist of the Year Nominee

2006 - ICM Top 5 New Artist of the Year Nominee

Mary James - stitching


Mary James - stitching
2018 - CashBox and Christian Servant Top 100 Charts, "Overflow' reaches #1 spot in July.


2018 - Power Source Music Nashville Top 100, "Overflow" reaches #1 spot in May.

2018 - Christian Music Weekly, "Overflow" reaches #1 spot in January.


2017 - Power Source Nashville Top 100 ICM Chart, "Heart On My Sleeve" reaches #1 spot in September.


2017 - Christian Music Weekly, "Heart On My Sleeve" reaches #1 spot for 3 consecutive weeks in May.


2016 - Power Source Nashville Top 100 ICM Chart, "Birthday of the King" reaches #1 spot for December.


2016 - Power Source Nashville Top 100 ICM Chart, "Fearfully, Wonderfully Made" reaches #1 spot in September.


2016 - Christian Music Weekly, "Fearfully, Wonderfully Made" reaches #1 spot in June.


2016 - Power Source Nashville Top 100 ICM Chart, "Take Me Away From You" reaches the #2 spot

2015 - Power Source Inspirational Country Top 100 Chart, "No Wound Too Deep reaches #2 spot for May

2014 - Artist Music Guild, Album of the Year (Winner for "Strong")

2014 - Power Source Inspirational Country Top 100 Chart, "Nothing Can" reaches the #2 spot for August.

2013 - Power Source Inspirational Country Top 100 Chart, "Strong" reaches #1 spot for December

2011 - New Christian Music Country Chart (UK), Come To The Well, #1 Single, May 14th and also in June and July 


2010 - Power Source Inspirational Country Top 100 Chart, Come To The Well, reaches the #1 spot for February


2010 - Inspirational Country Music Awards, Come To The Well, Top 5 Christian Country Song of the Year


2009 - Power Source Magazine, Beautiful Savior, Album of the Month for February

2007 - Power Source Christian Country Chart, Now That I Know Love, reaches  the #1 spot on PS 100 Chart for April


2006/2007 - International Songwriting Competition, It's A Good Thing & Truth Cries Out, Semi-Finalist in the Gospel/Christian Category


2006 - John Lennon Songwriting Contest, It's A Good Thing, Runner-up in the Gospel Category


2006 - Merlefest - Chris Austin Songwriting Contest, Truth Cries Out, 2nd Place in the Gospel Category

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"Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." Romans 8:37